Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is the back side of the braid

I use a hook to hold it tight while I braid

Tahitian Dance costume tutorial. How to make a haku braid costume.


a good sized handfull of raffia (or 6 long 1 inch strips of fabric)
a large amo
unt of ti leaves, fern, silk foliage, raffia, more' cut into 10-12 stips

I used 3 yellow strips of fabric so it easier to see in the photos

1. Tie a knot in the top of your

2. braid fo
r about 12 inches or so. This will be your tie to tie around your hips.

3. have 2 pieces of the braid in your right hand and 1 piece in your left hand.
Add a clump of leaves. I use

4. cross over the upper piece in your left

5. cross over the piece in your right hand
pull it tight

6. Flip up the back end of the clump

at the same time- lay your next clump


over with the upper left

cross over with the right

and keep going until it is as long as you would like

you will need to make a 12 inch braid at the other end for your other tie and then tie it off