Thursday, March 19, 2009

Choosing the proper costume for a Tahitian Dance competiton- Pareo

The competition season is starting. Do you have your complete costume?

Depending on the competition that you are participating in, you will have different costume needs. Make sure you read the rules and regulations for the competition that you will be entering. It is usually included with the entry form.

Most solo competitions require a pareo to be worn. They will specify what the fiber contents should be. Usually, Rayon is allowed. I have seen some that require cotton only.

My shop now carries solid color pareos, in 100% Rayon. The fringe has been removed and the edges have been neatly re sewn. I also remove the maker label.

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Belle said...

Bula! Beautiful costumes! Amazing work! Where do you buy your ti leaves (I am looking for them in bulk), and your skirting? Elizabeth Vakalala

karenvann said...

I sell the ti leaves at my store


Miranda said...

can u please show me how to do the tahitian feather belt..i really want one, but cant afford to buy the whole group feather belts i minus well just learn and then do it myself cuz theres 6 of please...fa'amolemole..

Davy Jones said...

It's a nice job. Thanks for sharing useful tips for dance costumes. This is really helpful. Keep sharing..
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